NMLA Frequently Asked Questions

Updated Thursday February 12, 2015 by NMLA.

  1. I heard there is Peanut or Soft Lacrosse for 3-4 year olds. What is Soft Lacrosse?

    Due to recent rule changes from Ontario Lacrosse, 3 and 4 year old children are only able to play soft lacrosse providing this program is offered by a Lacrosse Association. Northumberland Minor Lacrosse is offering Soft Lacrosse in their Peanut Division. Soft Lacrosse focuses on “unstructured, fun environment” developing the basic Lacrosse skills such as shooting, catching, passing, ball control and team play. There is no contact allowed of any kind. Each player will receive qualified instruction in a fun lacrosse environment. Each session will last 45 minutes.
  2. What nights will my child play?

    At this time, this can not be determined. This will depend on the number of teams, which won't be decided until registration is complete and the availability of floor time is determined.
  3. My child has never played before. Will there be any new player lacrosse clinics for my child to attend?

    There will be clinics for new players, but no dates have been determined yet. This information will be available at registration and on our website when we can set the dates.
  4. What about the rep teams. Will those players play house league too?

    We will try to field rep teams. All rep players will play house league as well for this season as our primary focus is skill development. 
  5. My child is new to lacrosse. What equipment do they need?

    Each player needs a mouth guard, CSA approved helmet with full face cage/shield, shoulder pads, shocker pads, rib/kidney pads, gloves, jock or jill, lacrosse stick, running shoes, shorts and a sweater. Most hockey players already have the shoulder pads, helmet with mask, gloves, jock or jill and a sweater. Specific to lacrosse is the shocker pads for your arms, the rib/kidney pads and the stick. Most players choose basketball type running shoes because the playing surface is cement. For the Peanut Division, rib/kidney pads are not required. See our equipment page.
  6. What does my child receive for playing in Northumberland?

    Each player will be allowed to play on a house league team and will be able to keep their jersey. A photographer will take team and individual photos at some point during the season, this is not covered in the registration fees. Also they will make new friends and have a great time learning the awesome game of lacrosse.
  7. Is lacrosse full contact for all players?

    Yes, for boys and girls tyke to intermediate. This means that there is contact allowed by players using their stick to dislodge the ball from another player by checking the other players stick or cross-checking their body from the front or the side.
  8. For paperweight, only stick checking will be permitted as per OLA rules. No body contact or cross-checking will be allowed. 

    For the Peanut (soft Lacrosse) Division, there will be NO kind of contact allowed. This division is strictly focused to skills development. 
  9. Do I have to provide my child's health card number?

  10. What do I need to bring to registration?

    Every new player must provide their birth certificate and health card when they register. If you don't have copies we will be able to make copies for you.
  11. My child does not have a birth certificate or it can not be found. What other proof of age will you accept?

    Northumberland Minor Lacrosse will accept the following proof of age:

    A. New type of Ontario Health Card (green one) that shows the date of birth. The old red and white cards do not show the date of birth.

    B. Current passport.

    C. Birth certificate
  12. What is the NMLA cancellation policy?

    Pre-Season: Registration fee, less administration fee, less cost of free stick if applicable.

    After season starts: Registration fee, less administration fee, less 10% per week of house league past (no refunds after second week of house league), less cost of free stick if applicable.

    All requests for refunds must be sent directly to the registrar (malyndabsbb@eagle.ca) or no refund will be issued.